Architectural Styles in Miami

Miami’s architectural styles range from austere corporate architecture, as it has the greatest attention of worldwide banks in the United States, to colorful and playful architecture that shows its beach and Latin American culture. Architecture lovers cannot miss Miami Beach’s Art Deco District or its old Spanish heritage.

The Mediterranean Revival style was the feature design that identified the Miami homes of the 1920s. This architectural tendency of the period years of the 1920’s reflected a strong influence from the Italian Mediterranean coast and from Spanish and French influences. The design was implemented during the marvelous decade and excellent illustrations of these sometimes baroque decorations can be valued in some of the Miami Beach homes that we see these days.

Stucco surfaces and arches with red tile roofs and iron grilles and railings are very characteristic elements of this beautiful style.

modern stylesThe Miami Modern style is another tendency that was featured during the post of World War II era reflected in audacious and innovative styles. The architectural tendency developed from the Art Deco to a more modern and functional architecture. This very stylish design was existing in some of the Miami residences of that era and was maintained as on the jewelry and distinctive signs of the Miami architecture of that époque.

Miami Modernist Architecture or better known as MiMo, is a style of architecture from the 1950s and 1960s that started in Miami, Florida as a resort vernacular unique to Miami and Miami Beach. It was a popular reaction to the various modernist and post world war architectural actions that were developed in other parts of the world, adding glamour, fun, and material excess to otherwise stark, minimalist, and efficient styles.

Adding to the wealth of new architectures and styles was the explosion of new luxury Miami Condos built during the decades of 1980s, 1990s and 2000s when some of the most distinctive Miami luxury condos were built. Glass balconies and audacious structures popped from the ground transforming the “Magic City” into what it is today, a new and vibrant metropolis.

Some Miami residences adopted these modern designs of open and spacious glass constructions with an emphasis on the views and simpleness of types where white is the predominant color.

Amazing and magnificent swimming pools can be appreciated in most of the more desirable Miami homes for sale today. The water is of course a key factor in the design integration and features of most Miami homes.

The city of Miami continues to inspire famous architects from around the world like Carlos Ott and his beautiful style at Jade Ocean Miami, an ultra modern crystal residential tower design that rises over the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean in Sunny Isles Beach.