Miami is a seductive city, which attracts a large number of tourists every year. If you are planning a week break in Miami is a great plan because making the most of a week break in Miami with itinerary diverse food, attractions and shopping is cool. This city never sleeps. The night clubs are open until dawn and for the party lovers this is the ideal place.

There is an abundance of things to do in Miami. Over the past 10 years, Miami and the Beaches have become to earn a lot of impressive accolades recently. So if the fabulous weather, beautiful beaches and a wealth of unique attractions for experience is your thing then Miami is the greatest place to spend your week.

Where to Stay

There are a lot of things by booking your week break in Miami, and perhaps the factor most often missed is where you will stay. You can stay wherever you like. You can stay in a Miami hotel and feel the buzz of the vibrant city. If you are in the same budget that most college students, then you should look for something cheaper and less expensive. The hostels are not that bad in Miami. Most offer wireless internet service, some offer free breakfast.

What to Expect

The week of fun and party is very famous in Miami. The city offers unforgettable experience for tourists, including unlimited pleasure and excitement. With over half a million who visit Miami, there is a complete list of interesting things to do, ranging from air rides in the nearby Everglades of Florida to sea and land excursions of Miami and Miami Beach. The best place in Miami has to be South Beach. This is the hottest spot in town for partying, shopping and fun. Most popular boutiques, cafes, bars, restaurants and night bars are placed here.

There is also Lincoln Road Mall for outdoor shopping and have your dinner in the Lincoln road. There are some sample delectable dishes from the world’s cuisines and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the Art Deco District.

The News Café on Ocean Drive is a popular meeting place early in the morning, so that tourists spend the mornings there.

Experience the excitement of the jungles of the world in this habitat of 290 hectares, where more than 1,000 animals representing 240 species. You will find over 100 shops, including Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s and a 12-screen theatre in Falls Shopping Center. Hop on the shuttle and be whisked through a night when the galleries stay open late at Gallery Nights in Coral Gables. They are also the streets of Mayfair, a modern town square with a variety of outdoor cafes, nightclubs, theaters, restaurants and shops.

There are many many lots of things to do and see by exploring in the city of Miami. There are many interested places that may great in your preferences. There are more sights to see in Miami. So, enjoy and have fun with your week in Miami.