miami busMetro Bus – Metro bus offers countywide service from Miami Beach to West Miami-Dade and from the Middle Keys to Broward Boulevard. All buses are wheelchair accessible. Metrobus attaches with Metrorail and Metro-mover. It serves all of the popular places of Greater Miami linking the Miami International Airport and the beaches. It is also conveniently connected with Metrorail stops. The Miami-Dade County public transportation system provides daily countywide service, with over 900 buses. The lines which travel the roads of Miami Beach, such as the famous Collins Avenue and Indian Creek Road, are excellent for getting between the northern places of Bal Harbor and Sunny Isles and the areas in South Beach. More than 90 Metrobus routes travel about 29 million miles per year using over 800 bus lines. Several routes work 24 hours a day.

bus 2Bus Lines

There are many different kinds of bus lines in any given city. Because of that, you should know what type of bus you need to be getting and which one particularly to take otherwise you will get lost.

  • Route – This map the streets within a city taken by a shuttle, bus, or other transit vehicle. It also marks the stops they make.
  • Charter – You can rent a charter bus from a company and set a schedule with them to take a travel with a large group of people to one particular area or ire them to take your group on a tour. Because you will be in a large group of people, the price will be cheaper toward each person if divided.
  • Ticket – Some bus lines need you to buy a ticket at the station before entering into a bus while others will just have you pay upon entering the bus.
  • Express – An express bus line may take the same route as a regular public transportation bus, but it won’t make as many stops. Because of this, it is faster than other bus lines. They also do things such as taking the freeway for faster transport times.
  • Timetable – This is a schedule of instances that a bus will be at a stop to pick up or drop off passengers. Bus lines will leave from a station and proceed on their route according to their timetable until the day is over.
  • School Bus – Schools will usually have a busing system to carry students who live within a certain distance to and from school. The driver usually checks for bus passes upon entering. School buses are colored differently from public buses and also come in small sizes sometimes, so it is simple to tell the difference.

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