If you will be traveling to Miami by plane, you have a choice of two major airports. Travelers from every part of the earth are always searching for the best deals for flights to Miami; cheap flights to Miami as well as discounted, last minute flights to Miami in a bid to have allowances for the rest of the vacation.

flights to miamiDepending on where you are, airlines and travel agents are able to offer cheap flights to Miami which are subject to the seasons and availability. Naturally, a flight will be the best way to travel there, due to the great airport near Miami that provides you with close proximity to everything the city has to offer. Travelers and tourists are attracted to book into inexpensive and last minute flights to Miami mainly for the white sandy beaches along with great shopping and exotic restaurants.

Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, and find out which offers the most affordable flights.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is the third busiest airport in the U.S. Miami International Airport (MIA) welcomes more than 35 million passengers annually through nearly 100 carriers.

Advantages: Served by all major airlines, Direct flights offered from most major cities, Central area makes it a shorter travel to your hotel.

Disadvantages: Very busy and crowded – anticipate gridlock, Hard to find your way around if you are not well known with it, Served by few discount carriers.

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport

The Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport is a smaller airport, located about 40 minutes south of MIA.

Advantages: Less busy and crowded, Served by several discount employees such as JetBlue and Heart, which offer bargain fares.

Disadvantages: Served by a smaller number of airlines, Less direct flights available, The travel to Miami can take 40-50 mins, thus higher taxi costs.

Tourists and travelers also recommend to plan ahead and make early reservations for budget and cheap accommodations, along with the cheap flights to Miami especially during the peak season. There is so much to do in Miami for tourists like; family vacation attractions, family vacation outdoors, sightseeing on vacation, dining and nightlife. Miami flights offers travelers a chance to completely enjoy their vacation to Miami.

American Airlines

This long-running, reputable airline has been around for decades, and for excellent reason, they seem to go out of their way to offer the best service they can to their customers.

Jet Blue

Those of you with tighter budgets than most, would do well to work with JetBlue, which is a relatively new commercial airline that focuses on low cost flying.

Spirit Airlines

Another great low-cost alternative to consider is Spirit Airlines, which is also a relatively new airline that focuses on budget-conscious flights.


However, when it comes to low-cost carriers, you won’t get bigger than Southwest Airlines. Active for the past thirty years, it’s taken the concept of making traveling by air cheaper and improved it to a research.


Now, when you don’t want to choose a specific airline, you might want to compare all of them to see which one has the rong>better deal.