Miami city is as celebrated for its business climate as it is for its beaches, and residents enjoy perfect weather, an educated work environment, and a well-mixed culture that offers diversity in everything from music and entertainment to dining and retail.

Miami is becoming a more and more glamorized destination, with TV, movie and art progressively more emphasizing the culture of Miami, so no wonder there are more and more people travelling to reside in Miami from all over the world.

There is a large range of different cultures and nationalities living in Miami, with a renown population of Latin American, Cuban and Caribbean communities. With beautiful beaches, a tropical climate and based in the popular state of Florida, there are hundreds of thousands of British expats living in Miami and Florida and the number is expected to increase drastically in the coming year, along with the number of tourists and vacationers planning to spend their vacations in Miami.

If you are planning to expatriate in Miami, there are some facts that may even convince you more.

Miami is situated on the Atlantic coast and is a very important part of the United States.

Miami is one of the most attractive places, this is not only because of its awesome place but also because of its amazing scenes. The beautiful beaches and cool breeze add to the magnificence of Miami. Miami has a great climate conditions with warm weather and only a few cloudy days.

For the past few years crime rates in Miami had been very low. The educational system in Miami is well-organized and considered to be very good. Miami has many job opportunities and offering as it is a central business area.