Expatriate moving to Miami will find a truly Latin American city that influences both the USA and the rest of the world. The culture that the Latin American based communities bring to the city has created an ultra hip, edgy, and young character.

Miami is also the traditional beach vacation getaway in much of the country. This infuses the economy with travel and leisure money and results in an assortment of activities, restaurants and nightlife. All of these dynamics are set against the backdrop of some of the poorest communities in the country. This has negative results on all neighborhoods and on city government’s spending.

Expatriate moving to Miami should anticipate a unique combination of cultures and a city caught up in both beach luxury and international business. People have many reasons for moving to Miami such as the sunny skies, diverse culture and interesting job opportunities. Moving or relocating to Miami within the city can be a stressful experience. You will have to look for a place that best suits your needs.


Most likely, your first concern is choosing a place to live or stay. Whether you plan to rent an apartment or purchase a magnificent house, your search for housing is probably best started by choosing a community.


The system of transportation in Miami is satisfactory. Underground railways, trains and buses is available. If you are going to drive, you will need to obtain a Florida driver’s license and Florida tags for your vehicle.


There are a few other miscellaneous items you’ll need to deal with the various offices of government. It is also your civic obligation to register to vote in Florida. You have probably already heard that the State of Florida has no income tax. However, if you own a significant amount of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or similar assets, you may be subject to the state intangibles tax.


In South Florida, your electric power will be provided by Florida Power & Light. They provide an online system for opening or reopening your electric service account. Water service is provided by the Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department.


Miami has one of the best education systems among all cities of United States. Miami’s home to a lot of educational institutions.¬†Miami is home to the fourth largest public school district in the nation, several major universities and some of the region’s finest education resources.