Real Estate

The Miami Real Estate market is very dynamic and has been very profitable for users and investors. Whether you are buying a home in Miami Beach, searching South beach condos or Miami lofts, there are so much to do with it. Buying a home in Miami is different than buying a pre-construction condo or purchasing a hotel, there are many Realtors that specialize in each specific area of Miami real estate.

Improved Real Estate Market in Miami Beach

The property market picture in Miami Beach has dramatically improved from the old conventional low-rise Miami Beach units to larger, more opulent and elegant high-rise condos which have prices starting from the $300,000 price range to over the 5 million dollars.

Residential Miami Estate

The residential Miami real estate market serves the needs of individuals wishing to buy, sell or lease Miami homes. Miami homes consist of many types of residential properties such as single family homes in Miami, Miami Beach condos, Miami lofts, apartments in South Beach as well as townhomes and Miami investment properties.

Downtown Miami Estate

The Miami Downtown Development Authority is in the process of turning Downtown Miami into the most livable urban center in the nation and increasing its position as the International center for commerce, culture, and Miami tourism.

Miami Commercial Estate

Buying the appropriate Miami investment property can generate good profits if you understand the market. The most important step for a potential investor is finding the right Miami Realtor. It’s essential that the Realtor you choose is an experienced Miami commercial real estate professional that knows the South Florida market and can get the results you desire. The Realtor you must choose have an extreme knowledge in Miami commercial real estate sales because it is much more complex than buying simple investment properties in Miami.

Condo Hotels in Miami

Condo hotels are also referred to as condotels or apartotels and are unusually ultra luxury high rise buildings in major cities or resort towns. Condo hotels are generally found near beaches, golf courses, casinos, theme parks, and other highly desirable vacation destinations. Condo hotels in Miami have become one of the most popular trends in investment buying and residential home ownership in years.

Miami Modern Architecture

Miami Modern is a combination of the 1920’s International and German Bauhaus styles with a touch of futuristic ornamentation to create a form of resort style Miami architecture. This unusual form of Miami architecture found a home in Miami Beach following World War II, thanks to designers such as Morris Lapidus, Norman Giller and Igor Polevitzky.