The Miami are a Native American nation originally found in what is now Indiana, southwest Michigan, and western Ohio. Miami’s culture is very lively and is heavily influenced by Latin culture. People from various places such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti and other Latin American countries are living in this city.

people of miamiIn fact, 60 percent of people living in the city of Miami were born foreign. The culture of Miami is very diverse, which can be attributed to its people coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Miami is a multilingual city, where a large number of languages are spoken. The administrative languages ​​of the city of Miami are English, Spanish and Haitian/French Creole. It is not uncommon to walk down any street in the city and not hear English spoken. Spanish is the language of administration of Miami which is spoken by 67 percent of the people. English is the language of the population of 25 percent. 5-6% people speak French Creole. Other languages ​​spoken in Miami are Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Greek.

There is a wide variety of people difference in the income level of the Miamis. You can also see a difference in the wealth generated. On the one hand, there are very wealthy people can afford to buy the best of all such as those who live a life of riches and fame, driving cars and owning expensive skyscraper overlooking the ocean. On the opposite side also, you will find low-income neighborhoods and people who do not even have their appropriate meals.

Miami had the reputation of being slow spoken and gentle voice, but had a penchant for fancy dress, especially their bosses.

Customary Greetings of Miami People

The customary kiss greeting is one of the quite peculiar habit in Miami. Whenever you meet, greet, or end a conversation with someone, there is a possibility chance that there is 98.5% of exchanging kisses on the cheek.