Miami is known for its warm and pleasant weather, making it one of the main tourist destinations in the USA and has been named “The Sunshine State”.

Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with hot, humid summers and short warm winters, with a marked dry season in winter. Miami has a year round good weather, with sunny days and nights of breeze.

With an average 59.5 ° F on January, the coldest month, the characteristics of mild winter to warm temperatures, usually cold air settles in the wake of a cold front, which produces much of the small amount of rain. The hottest month is August, when the average high temperature is 89.8 F.

Like any city, Miami has some precipitation most every month. The rainy season runs from June to September. The driest months are December, January and February. These months are very much appreciated by the locals, who consider the best time of year to visit Miami.

In fact, it can snow in Miami, but it is highly unlikely. In fact, it only happened twice in history.

Rainfall, especially thunderstorms, also common in Miami. Because it is in a subtropical climate zone, there is a rainy season from late spring (usually May-June) and will last until the end of November. Between late November and late May, the showers are few and far between, only arrives to announce a cold front in the winter months. Late springs can occasionally bring wildfires in rural areas, but only rarely threaten populated areas.

miami weatherSummers are humid and wet, but here’s a positive side. The mornings are quite variable, with the heat of the day is the worst in the early to mid afternoon. The best activity during the summer would be lying in the pool at your hotel in Miami or Miami Beach vacation. Then begin to blur, with huge clouds ominously dark and heavy, where the ever present sea breeze, meets evaporation in the interior. Just when the day is getting very hot to stand, there is an almost daily thunderstorm with a lot of rumbling thunder and lightning. The sun is more intense in Miami than in northern climates, so please take precautions against sunburn.


Even once is too much. Unfortunately, hurricanes are coming more and more often almost every year. Southeast Florida tends to be beaten by a hurricane every four years or so. Hurricanes are terribly unpredictable natural phenomena, its strength and path can change in minutes.